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Monthly smiles in the mailbox

Once a month, I get this pretty blue box in my mailbox.  It’s always full of yummy eats that make me smile, and make my day!

Tasterie is a company started by a Pediatrician and mother of two, catering to those of us with food allergies.  
I mean, how frustrating is it to find a new snack or food, only to read the ingredients and find you can’t even try it because of your allergies?  I’ve got a tree nut allergy.  Way too many healthier snacks and foods have nuts in them, which means I can’t touch them!  Frustrating!
Tasterie takes the guess work out for you!  Each month, I get a box of certified nut-free foods to try and enjoy.  This way, if I so choose, I can search out the brands myself to stock my cupboards!
These are the allergy choices when choosing your box:
Dairy Allergy
Dairy Allergy & Egg Allergy
Dairy Allergy & Soy Allergy
Egg Allergy
Gluten Allergy & Wheat Allergy
Gluten Allergy, Wheat Allergy & Dairy Allergy
Gluten Allergy, Wheat Allergy & Vegan
Nut Allergy 
Soy Allergy
Top 8 Allergy – 
dairy, egg, fish, gluten, nuts, peanuts, shellfish, soy or wheat

That covers a lot of us!  What better way to try out new foods, without the allergy risk and without the stress and frustration of searching ingredient lists?!

Here’s my May box:
Kettle corn, bean chips, rice chips, baked fries, bread mix, chocolate soynut butter, and fruit snacks!
All boxes come with an information card about the items included, as well as most have come with a recipe card too!  This month, I got two recipe cards.  Salsa soup and banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Both look great and I’ll be trying them.
The signature box, which is what I get, runs $25/mo and the snack box runs $18/mo.  There are no additional shipping charges.  I figure that’s a pretty reasonable price to get some great products to try every month and not worry about eating something I’m allergic to in the process. I truly love getting this box every month!
So, give it a try!  Go to Tasterie and get a box or two!  I’m off to enjoy my baked fries before making dinner!

*Some information in this post is taken directly from the Tasterie site for accuracy.  All views and opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.


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