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What Mother’s Day means to me.

I’m a mom.  I have a mom.  And a mother.  And a ‘wish she was my’ mom.

Mother’s Day is a day to show respect and thanks to the women who brought us into this world.  But, what if those women don’t deserve that respect and thanks?  What if they weren’t around for the firsts?  The first walk?  First smile? First boyfriend or girlfriend?  First bra? There are tons of firsts in our lives.

See, sometimes our mothers aren’t there.  Sometimes by choice.  Sometimes by fate.  But, they’re still our mothers, regardless.

I plan to give thanks to the woman who brought me into this world because, without her, I wouldn’t be here. But, I plan to give thanks to the woman who taught me how to be a good person and the woman who stood by me and behind me when I needed a mother the most, as well.  They’re all different women, but they all deserve to know they had something to do with who I am.

And for those who’s mother has left this world, I feel for you.  While you may not think it the same, having no mother in your life when she still walks the earth and not having one in your life because her time to go was too soon both leave a hole.  Different but the same, if you get what I’m saying.

If you’re a mother, I hope the biggest thing you want from your children is for them to grow and spread their wings, taking some of what you taught them with them as they go.  This is what I want from my children.  To take what they learn, use it, respect people and never give up!  I hope I’ve taught them these things.

Yes, there are fathers who fill both roles.  Mine did for some time.  But, while they deserve credit, I think Mother’s Day is not that time.  They have their time and they get the joy of knowing they are the one instilling all the values that are important in life in their children.

So, tomorrow, regardless of your feelings for your mother give her thanks.  Because, without her, you would not be here.  She did at least one thing right.  Hopefully, for many of you, she has done many things right and you’ll be sharing tomorrow with her.

Happy Mother’s Day on May 12th.


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