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Healthy Weight Loss Challenge and FitBit!!!!!

First of all, my lack of posts is due to my shift change and sleep schedule adjustment at work.  I’m now on 3rd shift and back to full time!  Yay me!  This makes me happy, but the schedule change takes some getting used to.  Now that I’m adjusted, it will get better and I’ll get back to posting.

Now, on to the title of this post.  
I started a healthy challenge via another blog.  Slap Dash Mom is hosting the #SDMChallenge.  The premise is to use the tally sheet to help you keep on track for losing or maintaining weight and getting healthier in the process!  I love the idea and I love the group aspect without a meeting or set in stone check in time/date/place.  You can still join in any time during the challenge, so get your butt over and check it out!  It’s easy peasy and fun, too!

In joining the challenge, I started looking for a pedometer.  Yeah, I have a dozen of those cheap, $5 ones collecting dust in the drawer, but I wanted something different.

I’d been saving up my Amazon gift cards for a FitBit, but didn’t have enough for the Flex.  So, I got the Zip!  $50, two day shipping from Amazon and I was well on my way to tracking my activity and calories burned.
Seriously, a 2 minute set up and it was clocking my activity.  The best part is FitBit has a dashboard that you can see all your information on, both on the computer and some smartphones!  My Galaxy S3 just happens to be one of those smartphones!

Here’s what my dashboard looks like each day:

You can also link your FitBit to MyFitnessPal if you use it.  MFP automatically transfers any food and exercise data you enter to FitBit, so you only have to enter it once.  FitBit automatically transfers calories burned according to your device to MFP.  So, you don’t have to enter it manually at all!
Now, FitBit has three devices and a scale that all sync and communicate with their dashboard program.  So, you choose your devices and you get busy burning those calories!  
I’m telling you, easy peasy!  Now, get moving!
*I was not financially compensated for this post. I also did not receive a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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