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I’m going to be a grandma!?!

Yep, that’s what I said.

More like ‘What?  When?  How?’

Well, my 17 year old and his girlfriend are expecting.  Yes, I know.  They’re young.  They’ve got a lot of life to live.   Yes, it will probably change how their lives go from here.  I know all the ‘OH NO’s’ and the ‘BUTs’.

So, here I’m faced with the fact that I’ll be a grandma at the ripe, young age of 39 (possibly 38, right before my birthday).  Payback from my dad, maybe?  He was 39 when Josh was born.

Yeah, the good thing is I’ll be young enough to be a ‘cool’ grandma.  I hope.

I don’t know how to be a grandma.  I don’t even know how to be a great mom most days.  How in the hell am I going to do this?  How the hell are they going to go to college?  How in the hell is this happening so soon?

I was bummed when I saw the names they picked.  Not because they’re not great names.  But, because, if it’s a girl, the family name incorporation stops there.  I know, it’s petty, but it’s something I’ve carried on from my parents and their parents, etc.

So, to those of you who read this.  I need some insight.  Some wisdom to pass on, maybe.  Some ideas.  Anything!   Tips for the kids.  Tips for me.  Anything at all!



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Welcome! I'm Cryssi. Designer, techie and mom of four children, grandmother to one beautiful little girl and one handsome grandson! I work outside the home and raise this wild brood in Iowa. I’m extraordinarily multi-talented. I can fix a car then head to the kitchen to make you the most delicious meal you've ever tasted! I'm supportive, honest, bold and outgoing.

3 responses to “I’m going to be a grandma!?!

  1. Anonymous

    when i dated monty i became a grandma to a young girl… sami. i was only 22. she was a teen. what it changes? only one thing… you got one more person to love. thats it. the struggles will be the same, your fears will be the same, we all want the best for those we love, and we worry all the same. but now you just got one more person to love and adore. while monty and i are no longer together… sami and i are still very close… she still calls me grammy. i take that as an honor. for she had quite awhile to get to know her real grandmother. to be able to continue to love a person despite all of lifes ups and downs.. is one of the most precious gifts we can obtain.yes they are young, but life goes on. but love never stops unless we let… you will be a most beautiful grandmother… and i say that with a tear in my eye… for you are and have been one of my truest sisters. thank you.

  2. Being a grandma is like being a mom, only you get to send them home! You will make a wonderful grandma. Are they considering adoption as a possibility? That way, college wouldn't be an issue

  3. We picked Aaden James Wilcox and Charlotte Danielle Wilcox… The boy follows my name of Joshua James… The girl follows courtneys FAVORITE childhood story of Charlottes Web…

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