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Jealous Much?

Ok, so, I have a bit of a jealous streak.  I attribute it to being cheated on in the past and not being able to shake the thought if it happening again from the back of my mind.

Here’s the deal.  My husband is in a wedding.  The couple are good friends of ours.  They’re great people.  That’s not the problem.

The problem is my issue with other women touching my husband and my husband’s obliviousness to the advances women have made in the past.  Yeah, I know.  He’s oblivious, don’t sweat it.  Yeah, I’m a woman.  Good luck with that one.

He’s in the wedding.  He can’t wear his wedding band.  His finger got broke about 7 months ago and he can’t get the ring on, let alone get it off once it is on.

I’m assuming it’s just like any other wedding.  The bridal party is supposed to sit at the main table and, since we’re just friends, my kids and I will be at a table probably towards the back.  I haven’t been told otherwise.

So, I’m torn.  I’m wanting to attend to support my friends but my jealous side doesn’t even want to see another woman touch my husband and then have to sit clear across the room from him for the night.

Gah, I’m a mess.

Update:  As per usual, my jealous side jumped to conclusions.  I will sit next to him, if attending.  Now, I just need to figure out if the kids have places to go for that time.  I can’t see D doing good at a wedding.  He can barely do good during a 1/2 hour appointment.


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Welcome! I'm Cryssi. Designer, techie and mom of four children, grandmother to one beautiful little girl and one handsome grandson! I work outside the home and raise this wild brood in Iowa. I’m extraordinarily multi-talented. I can fix a car then head to the kitchen to make you the most delicious meal you've ever tasted! I'm supportive, honest, bold and outgoing.

2 responses to “Jealous Much?

  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes you have to settle down and look at the big picture before assuming things lol 😛

  2. Cryssi

    Yeah, yeah. I'm a Virgo, worrier by nature. I worry first and think later. LOL

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